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The molecular spectroscopy sub-group carries out vibrational and rotational spectroscopic analyses on experimental data obtained primarily in the infrared (IR), Raman, and microwave (MW) region, as well as developing quantum mechanical methods for theoretical support of these analyses.


This sub-group consists of four retirees (guest workers) with different interests: J. T. Hougen (theory), W. J. Lafferty (gas-phase IR), F. J. Lovas (gas-phase MW), and A. Weber (gas-phase Raman). For details about their present research activities, click on their respective projects listed below.

Jon T. Hougen – Large-amplitude motion project

Walter J. Lafferty – Infrared studies for atmospheric atlases

Frank J. Lovas – Spectroscopic identification of interstellar molecules

A. Weber – High resolution infrared and Raman studies of atmospheric-related and highly strained molecules

The late Marilyn Jacox's (NIST staff from 1962 to 2013) research focused on matrix isolation spectra in the IR and UV-Vis. Her research projects are listed below.

Matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy
Vibrational and electronic energy levels of polyatomic transient molecules

Created September 4, 2009, Updated December 6, 2018