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Advanced Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Materials


High-accuracy linear and nonlinear optical properties of materials used for leading-edge optical technologies are measured and characterized to enable these technologies.


This project investigates the linear and nonlinear optical properties, for wavelengths from the vacuum-ultraviolet through the mid-infrared spectral regions, of materials important for optical technology applications, including laser technology, optical lithography, and imaging optics. The linear properties measurements include refractive index and its temperature dependence, birefringence, and absorbance for wavelengths in the range from 120 nm through 15 microns. Non-linear optical properties and effects are investigated with scanning lasers for wavelengths ranging from 190 nm through 2.3 microns. A present focus is on measuring and disseminating index data, with diffraction-limited uncertainties, for technologically important infrared materials.

Created February 4, 2010, Updated December 21, 2020