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Press Coverage

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USDA consolidating SOC functions, personnel

When Goodwine left the Pentagon for USDA, the department had already started SOC consolidation. But Goodwine wanted all SOC functions in one place and position

A more perfect unit: the new mole

Popular Science
A video about the redefinition of the mole, featuring NIST's Savelas Rabb, Robert Vocke, and Stephan Schlamminger.

Strategies for finding and keeping new feds

Rotating employees through different jobs can help, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Initiative for Cybersecurity

Cool Jobs: Poop investigators

Science News for Students
The work of NIST's Complex Microbial Systems group, which is working to make a reference material to aid in analyzing microbiome DNA, is reviewed.

Blockchain To Reduce Cyber Threats in School

Business Blockchain HQ
In addition, there are currently almost 314,000 unfilled positions, according to Cyber Seek, a project supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity
Displaying 101 - 125 of 297