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Staff and Technical Experts Directory

OWM Organization Chart PDF

 Type of Information

Who to Contact

Area Code (301)

Weights & Measures

Dr. Douglas Olson, Chief 975-4004
General Inquiries Barbara Cohn 975-4004

Training, Website, OWM Contact System, Publications

Yvonne Branden 975-3272
OWM Newsletter Barbara Cohn 975-4004

Technical Areas

U.S. System
Ken Butcher 975-4859
Tina Butcher 975-2196

Laws & Regulations

Packaging and Labeling
Precious Metals Conversion
Price Verification
Retail and Unit Pricing Laws
Net Quantity of Contents
Ken Butcher 975-4859
David Sefcik 975-4868
Lisa Warfield 975-3308
Engine Fuel Quality & Biofuels Lisa Warfield 975-3308
Metric Information Elizabeth Benham 975-3690
Ken Butcher 975-4859
OIML Packaging and Labeling (R79 & R87) Ken Butcher 975-4859
Lisa Warfield 975-3308

International Legal Metrology Program

International Legal Metrology (OIML) Dr. Chuck Ehrlich 975-4834
Ralph Richter 975-3997
Dr. Katya Delak 975-2520


NIST Handbook 105 Series, Specifications & Tolerances for Field Standards Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
NIST Handbook 44, Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices John Barton 975-4002
Tina Butcher 975-2196
Rick Harshman 975-8107
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989
NIST Handbook 112, Examination Procedures Outlines for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices Tina Butcher 975-2196
NIST Handbook 130, Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Fuel Quality
David Sefcik 975-4868
Lisa Warfield 975-3308
NIST Handbook 133, Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods David Sefcik 975-4868
Lisa Warfield 975-3308

Measuring Systems

Metering Devices - General & Other Tina Butcher 975-2196
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989
Electric Vehicle Refueling Tina Butcher 975-2196
Juana Williams 975-3989
Electric Watthour Type Electric Meters Tina Butcher 975-2196
Lisa Warfield 975-3308
Cryogenic Measuring Devices Juana Williams 975-3989
Gas Pumps (Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers) Tina Butcher 975-2196
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989
Hydrogen & Compressed Gases Juana Williams 975-3989
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Meters Tina Butcher 975-2196
Loading-Rack Meters Tina Butcher 975-2196
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989
Mass Flow Meters Tina Butcher 975-2196
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989
Master Meters Val Miller 975-4004

Small Volume Provers

General Field Use Diane Lee 975-4405
Calibration, Witnessing Val Miller 975-4004
Vehicle-Tank Meters Tina Butcher 975-2196
Diane Lee 975-4405
Juana Williams 975-3989

Weighing Systems

Weighing Devices - General John Barton 975-4002
Rick Harshman 975-8107
Automatic Weighing Systems & OIML R51 Rick Harshman 975-8107
Belt-Conveyer Scales & OIML R50 John Barton 975-4002
Hopper Scales, Auto Bulk Weighing & OIML R107 Rick Harshman 975-8107
In-Motion Weighing-General John Barton 975-4002
Rick Harshman 975-8107
OIML R134 (In-Motion Vehicle Weighing) John Barton 975-4002
Load Cells & OIML R60 John Barton 975-4002
Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments - OIML R76 Rick Harshman 975-8107
Railway Track Scales & OIML R106 John Barton 975-4003
Uncertainties - Balances and Scales Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615

Other Device-Related Topics

Grain Moisture & Protein Analyzers & OIML R59 and OIML R146 Diane Lee 975-4405
Livestock Carcass Measuring Systems Diane Lee 975-4405
Multiple Dimension Measuring Devices Rick Harshman 975-8107
Taximeters, Transportation Network Measuring Systems, and Odometers & OIML R21 John Barton 975-4002

Laboratory Metrology

Laboratory Technical Assistance - General Isabel Chavez 975-2128
Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
Calibration Procedures Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
Measurement Traceability Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
Proficiency Testing Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
Quality Management Systems Isabel Chavez 975-2128
State Lab Program & Recognition Isabel Chavez 975-2128
Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615
Uncertainties Dr. Micheal Hicks 975-4615


Prepackaged Commodities, Price Verification, Package Labeling, and Laws & Regulations Training David Sefcik 975-4868
Laboratory Metrology Training Isabel Chavez 975-2128
Weighing, Measuring, and Other Devices Training Tina Butcher 975-2196

National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM) Committees*

Executive Secretary Douglas Olson 975-2956
Laws & Regulations Committee Lisa Warfield 975-3308
Professional Development Committee Tina Butcher 975-2196
Specifications & Tolerances Committee John Barton 975-4002
Diane Lee 975-4405

NCWM National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Sectors

NTEP Software Sector Dr. Katya Delak 975-2520
NTEP Grain Analyzers Sector Diane Lee 975-4405
NTEP Measuring Sector Tina Butcher 975-2196
NTEP Taximeters John Barton 975-4002
NTEP Belt Conveyer Sector John Barton 975-4002
NTEP Weighing Sector Rick Harshman 975-8107
Created May 18, 2011, Updated November 23, 2020