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N42-2011 Mobile Instrument

ANSI/IEEE N42.42 Standard project

This is an example of a mobile spectroscopic instrument document; this particular instrument is making measurements while in motion.

  1. The mobile instrument is described via the <RadInstrumentInformation> element.
  2. The radiation detectors are described via <RadDetectorInformation> elements; the gamma radiation detector is a 1.6 L volume Nal(Tl); the neutron radiation detector is a 1 L He-3 proportional counter.
  3. The energy and FWHM calibrations of the gamma radiation detector are given.
  4. Two spectrum measurements and the analyses thereof are given, via two pairs of <RadMeasurement> and <AnalysisResults> elements
  5. Each <RadMeasurement> has a unique identifier ("M-1222" and "M-1223"). The mean position, direction, and speed of the radiation measurement instrument are described via <RadInstrumentState>: the Direction, -90 degrees, is due West; the speed is 2.2 meters per second.
  6. The <AnalysisResults>elements resulting from the spectral analysis each report the identification of Cs-137, and the quantification of two spectra peaks at 661.7 and 1460.8 keV.

Mobile system file:


Created March 4, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019