List of Publications -- David Long

List of Publications -- David Long

  1. D. A. Long,* S. Wójtewicz, V. T. Sironneau, H. Lin, Z. D. Reed, C. E. Miller, J. T. Hodges, "Frequency-agile, rapid scanning cavity ring-down spectroscopy (FARS-CRDS) measurements of the (30012)←(00001) near-infrared carbon dioxide band," J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, In preparation (2014).

Standard Reference Photometer

The Standard Reference Photometer (SRP) Program began in the early 1980s as collaboration between NIST and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to design, construct, certify, and deploy a network of identical ozone reference instruments. The design specifications called for an instrument with a standard uncertainty of ± 2 nmol/mol (ppbv) in the range of 0 nmol/mol to 100 nmol/mol and ± 2% in the range of 100 nmol/mol to 1000 nmol/mol. Thirty-eight SRPs have been deployed since 1983; each SRP has exceeded the design specifications.

The NIST Traceable Reference Material (NTRM) Program for Gas Standards

An NTRM (CM) (NIST Traceable Reference Material) is a reference material produced by a commercial supplier with a well-defined traceability linkage to NIST. This linkage is established via criteria and protocols defined by NIST that are tailored to meet the needs of the metrological community to be served. Reference materials producers adhering to these requirements will be allowed to use the NIST "NTRM" certification mark.