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Zizwe Chase

Zizwe Chase is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the SAMPL group of the Physics Department of Howard University and NIST visitor in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division in the Physical Measurement Laboratory. He received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Morehouse College, B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and PhD. in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University.

Selected Publications

  • Guided mode resonances in flexible 2D THz photonic crystals, Kyaw, C.; Yahiaoui, R.; Chase, Z.A.; Tran, V.; Baydin, A.; Tay, F.Y.; Kono, J.; Manjappa, M.; Singh, R.; Abeysinghe, D.; Urbas, A.; Searles, T.A., Optica 7, 537-541 (2020)
  • Direct Observation of the Orientational Anisotropy of Buried Hydroxyl Groups Inside Muscovite Mica”, Tuladhar, A.; Chase, Z.A.; Baer, M.; Legg, B.; Zhang, S.; Tao, J.; Wang, Z.; Winkleman, A.; Wang, Z.; Mundy, C.; Wang, H.-F.; Yoreo, J.D., J. Soc. Am. Chem. 141, 2135-2142 (2019)
  • Synthesis and surface spectroscopy of α-pinene isotopologues and their corresponding secondary organic material, Upshur, M.A.; Vega, M.M.; Bé, A.G.; Chase, H.M.; Zhang, Y.; Tuladhar, A.; Chase, Z.A.; Li , F.; Ebben, C.J.; Wang, Z.; Martin, S.T.; Geiger, F.M.; Thomson, R.J., Chem. Sci. 10, 8390-8398 (2019)
  • Vibrational Studies of Saccharide-Induced Lipid Film Reorganization at Aqueous/Air Interfaces, Link, K.A.; Hsieh, C.-Y.; Tuladhar, A.; Chase, Z. A.; Wang, Z.; Wang, H.-F.; Walker R.A., ChemPhys 512, 101-110 (2018)
  • Local Environment and Interactions of Liquid and Solid Interfaces Revealed by Spectral Line Shape of Surface Selective Nonlinear Vibrational Probe, Chen, S.-L.; Fu, L.; Chase, Z. A.; Gan, W.; Wang, H.-F., J. Phy.Chem.C 120, 25511-25518 (2016)
  • State of Supported Pd during Catalysis in Water, Chase, Z.A.; Fulton, J. L.; Camaioni, D. M.; Mei, D.; Balasubramanian, M.; Pham, V.-T.; Zhao, C.; Weber, R. S.; Wang, Y.; Lercher, J. A., J. Phy.Chem.C 117, 17603-17612 (2013)
Created April 10, 2019, Updated June 8, 2020