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Zhihui Cheng (IntlAssoc)

Zhihui Cheng is a Research Associate working in the Alternative Computing Group in the Nanoscale Device Characterization Division of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML). He received his Ph.D. at Duke University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His expertise includes nanoelectronic device fabrication and characterization based on low-dimensional nanomaterials from carbon nanotubes to 2D materials. His current research projects involve quantum transport characterization for novel nanomaterials including twisted 2D materials. He is also interested in nanoscale materials and devices for quantum information and sensing applications.

Recent Publications

  • Zhihui Cheng, Hattan Abuzaid, Yifei Yu, Fan Zhang, Yanlong Li, Steven G. Noyce, Yuh-Chen Lin, Jay Doherty, Chengguang Tao, Linyou Cao, Aaron D. Franklin. “Convergent Ion Beam Alteration of 2D Materials and Metal-2D interfaces.” 2D Materials, 6(3), 2019.
  • Zhihui Cheng, Katherine Price, Shreya Singh, Steven Noyce, Yuh-Chen Lin, Yifei Yu, Linyou Cao, Aaron D. Franklin. “Immunity to scaling in MoS2 transistors using edge contacts.” Nano Letters, 19(8), 5077-5085, 2019.
  • Zhihui Cheng, Katherine Price, Aaron D. Franklin. “Contacting and gating 2D nanomaterials.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 65(10), 1-11, 2018.
  • Zhihui, Cheng, Jorge A. Cardenas, Felicia McGuire, Sina Najmaei, and Aaron D. Franklin. "Modifying the Ni-MoS2 Contact Interface Using a Broad-Beam Ion Source." IEEE Electron Device Letters, 37 (9), 1234-1237, 2016.
Created September 26, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021