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Vyacheslav B. Podobedov (Fed)

Dr. Podobedov has research experience in numerous areas:

  • Condensed matter physics, molecular analysis, linear and non-linear light scattering, electromagnetic wave propagation and interaction.
  • Physical and optical properties of crystals, molecules, films, ceramics, glass and fiber structures.
  • Ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectroscopies, radiometry, colorimetry, and image and spectrum processing.
  • Design and applications of scientific instruments, optical spectrometers, RF electronics (up to THz range), verification tests and documentation, software development for scientific applications.
  • In the above field published more than 130 publications.

His current research projects are:

Research in the area of optical radiation metrology the range from UV to IR, design of optical calibration facilities, sources, and sensors. Development and calibration of standard transfer and working UV and IR radiometers, and realizing spectral responsivity scales. Broadband UV measurements and radiometric measurement of LED sources. Implementation of developed standards for extension of the radiant power and irradiance responsivity scale between 0.36 µm to 24 µm.

Optical Radiation Metrology and Standard Radiometers

Night Vision Goggle Gain Calibration

Radiation Sensitivity of Thermoluminescent Dosimeter Sensors


Vyacheslav is a group-recipient of the 2018 Department of Commerce 2018 JUDSON C. FRENCH AWARD for the absolute calibration of optical radiation detectors from the visible to the far infrared and making these capabilities available through NIST measurement services.


Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022