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Timothy Magnanelli

Timothy Magnanelli is an NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Nanoscale Spectroscopy Group at NIST.  He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University as a graduate student in Dr. Arthur Bragg’s research group.  There, his research focus was on interrogating the ultrafast dynamics of conjugated polymers, peptidic charge transfer dyads, and polyelectrolyte complexes utilizing various spectroscopic techniques; these included transient absorption, femtosecond stimulated Raman (FSRS), pump/re-pump probe spectroscopy (transient hole burning), and broadband polarization anisotropy.  He is now working as a member of the Heilweil Lab on time-resolved THz measurements of photoconduction and charge mobility in semiconductor crystals, conjugated polymers, and MOFs. Specifically, he is interested in querying properties of photoinduced conduction through anisotropic dependencies on morphological structure/ordering, sub-bandgap excitation in semiconductor materials (i.e. Si and GaAs), and synchronous application of donor-acceptor co-dopant pairs to MOF hierarchies. He is also interested in comparing these findings to other spectroscopic techniques (e.g. polarization anisotropy of transient absorption signals) and exploring more nuanced THz applications including the characterization of dielectric properties of solvents and mixtures.


Created October 23, 2018, Updated March 22, 2019