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Stephen D. Ridder

Materials Engineer

Research Interests

Metal alloy processing including the modeling, measurement, and control of heat and fluid flow during metal alloy solidification. Research has included modeling of electroslag ingot casting, modeling of directional solidification of castings, modeling, control, and optimization of metal powder production using gas atomization, modeling, control, and optimization of the thermal spray coating process, powder characterization, and metal powder consolidation.


Vacuum-Assisted Gas Atomization of Liquid Metal

Steven P. Mates, Stephen D. Ridder, Frank S. Biancaniello, Tony Zahrah
Vacuum-assisted gas atomization of liquid metal is explored. The investigation is motivated by observations of liquid metal atomization which indicate that

Structure and Properties of Consolidated Amorphous Metal Powder

Frank S. Biancaniello, Tony Zahrah, Rodney D. Jiggetts, L J. Rowland, Steven P. Mates, Stephen D. Ridder, S Glasmachers
Amorphous metal alloys have been developed with sufficiently slow crystallization kinetics to allow the casting of bulk metallic glass (BMG) components up to
Created October 9, 2019