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Sri Vikram Palagummi

Current Research Projects

  1. Extending the application of the NIST SRI 6005 instrument to measure the real-time polymerization properties simultaneously for self-curing bone cements.
  2. Clarifying the discrepancies regarding the effect of light curing protocols on photopolymerization properties of resin based dental composites. 
    • Working to provide conditions for the validity of the exposure reciprocity law as it pertains to the photopolymerization of dental composites.
    • This project will provide a database of various light-curing conditions that can be applied in the photopolymerization process to serve as the basis for accurate guidelines in clinical practice.
  3. Developing metrology using AFM-based force spectroscopy to quantify single bacterial cell adhesion to dental materials under clinically relevant oral conditions.


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Created May 15, 2018, Updated January 30, 2020