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Seongmin Kim (IntlAssoc)

Seong-Min Kim is a guest researcher, who has been working on developing high-sensitivity mid-IR absorption spectroscopy. He has focused on the quantification of biochemical compositions and the identification of the higher-order structures of those macromolecules in water. The newly upgraded mid-IR spectroscopy method has been demonstrated with unprecedented chemical sensitivity for various biomolecules, including proteins, glycans, and nucleic acids. The advanced technology will be useful for the in-line characterization of biopharmaceutical products, including high-concentration monoclonal antibodies and low-concentration drugs (vaccines, adjuvant-drug conjugates, etc.).

Before joining NIST, he investigated interfaces between cells and organic materials for potential applications to bioelectronic devices. During his Ph.D., he worked on the nanoscale structural effect of inorganic materials on the physical guidance of cell growth (Nano Research 2018, 11 (5), 2532). He also studied organic electrochemical transistors with extraordinary performances and thermal stabilities for bioelectronic sensors using the relationship between the microstructures of conducting polymers and their electrical and electrochemical properties (Nature Communications 2018, 9 (1), 3858).

Selected Publications

  1. Kim, S.-M., Kim, C.-H., Kim, Y., Kim, N., Lee, W.-J., Lee, E.-H., Kim, D., Park, S., Lee, K., Rivnay, J., and Yoon, M.-H. Influence of PEDOT:PSS crystallinity and composition on electrochemical transistor performance and long-term stability. Nature Communications 2018, 9 (1), 3858.
  2. Kim, S. -M.; Kim, N.; Kim, Y.; Baik, M. -S.; Yoo, M.; Kim, D.; Lee W. –J.; Kang, D. –H.; Kim S.; Lee, K.; Yoon, M. -H. High-Performance Polymer-Based Direct Cellular Interfaces for Electrical Stimulation and Recording. NPG Asia Materials 2018, (DOI:10.1038/s41427-018-0014-9)
  3. Kim, S. -M.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Kang, D.-H.; Yang, K.; Cho, S.-W.; Lee, J. S.; Choi, I. S.; Kang, K.; Yoon, M.-H. Strong Contact Coupling of Neuronal Growth Cones with Height-Controlled Vertical Silicon Nanocolumns. Nano Research 2018, 11 (5), 2532–2543.
  4. Kim, D.; Kim, S.-M.; Lee, S.; Yoon, M.-H. Investigation of Neuronal Pathfinding and Construction of Artificial Neuronal Networks on 3D-Arranged Porous Fibrillar Scaffolds with Controlled Geometry. Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 7716.
  5. Kim, Y.; Lim, T.; Kim, C.-H.; Yeo, C. S.; Seo, K.; Kim, S.-M.; Kim, J.; Park, S. Y.; Ju, S.; Yoon, M.-H. Organic Electrochemical Transistor-Based Channel Dimension-Independent Single-Strand Wearable Sweat Sensors. NPG Asia Mater. 2018, 1. DOI: 10.1038/s41427-018-0097-3.




Created September 3, 2021, Updated February 13, 2023