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Sam R. Coriell


Morphological Stability

Robert F. Sekerka, Sam R. Coriell, Geoffrey B. McFadden
The theory of morphological stability provides a dynamical analysis of the stability of the interface that separates phases during a phase transformation. We

Onset of Convection in Binary Liquid Layers

Geoffrey B. McFadden, Sam R. Coriell, Aaron Lott
We perform linear stability calculations for horizontal bilayers of a two-component fluid that can undergo a phase transformation, taking into account both

The Solidification of an Ideal Ternary Alloy in a Mushy Layer

Daniel M. Anderson, Geoffrey B. McFadden, Sam R. Coriell, Bruce Murray
We consider a model for the solidification of an ideal ternary alloy in a mushy layer that incorporates the effects thermal and solutal diffusion, convection
Created October 9, 2019