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Richard Fox


Photonic-Chip Supercontinuum with Tailored Spectra for Counting Optical Frequencies

David R. Carlson, Daniel D. Hickstein, Alexander J. Lind, Judith B. Olson, Richard W. Fox, Roger C. Brown, Andrew D. Ludlow, Qing Li, Daron A. Westly, Tara M. Fortier, Kartik A. Srinivasan, Scott A. Diddams, Scott B. Papp
Supercontinuum generation using chip-integrated photonic waveguides is a powerful approach for spectrally broadening pulsed laser sources with very low pulse

Blackbody effects in the Yb optical lattice clock

Andrew D. Ludlow, Jeffrey A. Sherman, Nathan D. Lemke, Kyle P. Beloy, Nathan M. Hinkley, M. Pizzocaro, Richard W. Fox, Christopher W. Oates
We report a high accuracy measurement of the differential static polarizability for the clock transition in a Yb lattice clock, a key parameter for determining
Created October 9, 2019