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Ratan Debnath (Assoc)


An Antimony Selenide Molecular Ink for Flexible Broadband Photodetectors

Ratan K. Debnath, MD R. Hasan, Arunima Singh, Vladimir P. Oleshko, Shiqi Guo, Asha Rani, Abhishek Motayed, Nhan V. Nguyen, Albert Davydov
The need for low-cost high-performance broadband photon detection with sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) has driven interest in new materials that combine

Structural and optical nanoscale analysis of GaN core-shell microrod arrays fabricated by combined top-down and bottom-up process on Si (111)

Sergiy Krylyuk, Marcus Muller, Gordon Schmidt, Sebastian Metzner, Peter Veit, Frank Bertram, Ratan K. Debnath, Jong Yoon Ha, Baomei Wen, Paul T. Blanchard, Alexana Roshko, Abhishek Motayed, Matthew R. King, Albert Davydov, Jurgen Christen
Large arrays of GaN core-shell microrods were fabricated on Si(111) substrates applying a combined bottom-up and top-down approach which includes inductively
Created August 17, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021