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Rachel Odessey

Rachel Odessey is a doctoral student studying Electrical Engineering at Brown University, in the group of Prof. Domenico Pacifici. Rachel is a recipient of the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. She completed her B.A. in Physics at Scripps College. Her research interests include plasmonics, interactions of light and matter, optical coherence, and applications of optical methods to biochemical sensing. At NIST, Rachel is collaborating with the group of Dr. Henri Lezec to develop a biochemical sensing scheme that employs photon drag in functionalized metal films.

Selected publications

Odessey, R., Shen, T., Oller, D., He, D., Kim, J. H., Xu, J., & Pacifici, D. Reduced angle sensitivity of structural coloration on an industrial aluminium platform. Coloration Technology. 2020.

Li, D., Odessey, R., Li, D., & Pacifici, D. Plasmonic interferometers as TREM2 sensors for Alzheimer's disease. In submission.

Created January 27, 2020, Updated June 8, 2020