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Qian Dong (Fed)


Mass Spectral Library of Acylcarnitines Derived from Human Urine

Xinjian Yan, Sanford Markey, Ramesh Marupaka, Qian Dong, Brian T. Cooper, Yuri Mirokhin, William E. Wallace, Stephen Stein
We describe the creation of a mass spectral library of acylcarnitines and conjugated acylcarnitines from the LC–MS/MS analysis of six NIST urine reference

Patents (2018-Present)

Interferometric Microphone Calibrator And Comparison Calibrating A Microphone

NIST Inventors
Richard A. Allen , Qian Dong and Randall P Wagner
An interferometric microphone calibrator for comparison calibrating a microphone, the interferometric microphone calibrator comprising: an interferometer in optical communication with a microphone and that produces an interferometer measurement light, communicates the interferometer measurement
Created October 9, 2019, Updated September 14, 2023