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Pavel Shapturenka (Fed)

NRC/NASEM Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Pavel Shapturenka is an NRC/NASEM Postdoctoral Fellow in the Polymers & Complex Fluids group, with a general interest in developing and extending the frontier of useful electronic and photonic surfaces via solution-processable and area-scalable materials and methods. He is currently developing methods and metrology for aligning sorted and highly purified carbon nanotube populations to a high degree of nematic order and spectroscopically characterizing resulting assemblies to evaluate viability for electronic and plasmonic metasurfaces as well as single-photon sources for supplying quantum photonic circuitry.

His dissertation work explored the integration of colloidal nanopatterning with standard nanofabrication techniques to enable bio-inspired photonic, optoelectronic, and surface wetting functionality in silicon and III-V semiconductor platforms.




 2021                      CSP Technologies Teacher-Scholar Fellowship

 2018                      Szilagyi Energy Breakthrough Fellowship, UCSB Institute of Energy Efficiency

 2016/2017           NSF GRFP Honorable Mention



Created February 1, 2022, Updated December 9, 2022