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Norman F. Bergren


Progress toward a 1 V Pulse-Driven AC Josephson Voltage Standard

Samuel P. Benz, Paul D. Dresselhaus, Alain Rufenacht, Norman F. Bergren, Joseph R. Kinard Jr., Regis Landim
We present a new record rms output voltage of 275 mV, which is a 25 % improvement over the maximum achieved with previous ac Josephson voltage standard (ACJVS)

Design of a Turn-Key 10 V Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard System

Paul D. Dresselhaus, Mike Elsbury, Charles J. Burroughs, David I. Olaya, Samuel P. Benz, Norman F. Bergren, Robert E. Schwall, Zoya Popovic
NIST is designing a 10 V Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard (PJVS) system with an improved microwave design and arrays of stacked NbXSi1-x-barrier

Design of SNS Josephson Arrays for High Voltage Applications

Paul D. Dresselhaus, Samuel P. Benz, Charles J. Burroughs, Norman F. Bergren, Yonuk Chong
The voltage from a single, microwave-biased Josephson junction is a small quantity; thus useful voltages are only generated through series arrays of many
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 13, 2019