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Nora M. Hassan

Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Nora Hassan is a physicist in the Material Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD. She is a member of the Polymers Processing Group working with Dr. Jonathan Seppala and Dr. Kalman Migler on additive manufacturing within the DMREF (Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future) effort; an NSF funded collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and NIST. Her current research focuses on using polarized Raman spectroscopy to study the molecular chain orientation in 3D printed filaments. The effort is to help connect chain orientation measurements to simulation predictions done at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown universities. She also uses SERS to study interdiffusion between polymers thin films. Nora earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo and a Ph.D. in physics from Johns Hopkins University studying 2D organic conductors using Raman spectroscopy.

During her time at NIST, Nora is also working closely with collaborators, Dr. Angela Hight Walker, in the Physical Measurement Laboratory to study polymers and 2D magnetic materials using the Raman spectroscopy facilities in Dr. Hight Walker’s lab.

Current Research Interests:

  • 2D magnetic materials
  • Interdiffusion and chain orientation of polymers

Previous Research Interests:

  • Strongly correlated electron systems and frustrated magnets
  • Spin Seebeck Effect in rare earth metals
  • Topological Insulators (TI)
  • Graphene

Non-NIST publications:

Nora M. Hassan, Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu, Zhengguang Lu, Dmitry Smirnov, Elena I. Zhilyaeva, Svetlana Torunova, Rimma N. Lyubovskaya, Natalia Drichko. Melting of charge order in the low-temperature state of an electronic ferroelectric.  arXiv:1905.12740

Nora Hassan, Streit Cunningham, Martin Mourigal, Elena I. Zhilyaeva, Svetlana A. Torunova, Rimma N. Lyubovskaya, Natalia Drichko. Evidence for a quantum dipole liquid state in an organic quasi–two-dimensional material. Science, Vol. 360, Issue 6393, pp. 1101-1104 (2018)

Nora Hassan, Streit Cunningham, Elena I. Zhilyaeva, Svetrlana A.Torunova, Rimma N. Lyubovskaya, John A. Schlueter, Natalia Drichko. Raman scattering as a probe of magnetic state of BEDT-TTF based Mott insulators. Crystals, 8(6), 233 (2018)

Atikur Rahman, Janice Wynn Guikema, Nora M. Hassan, and Nina Marković. Angle-dependent transmission in graphene heterojunctions. Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 013112 (2015).

N. M. Hassan, V. V. Mkhitaryan, E. G. Mishchenko. One-dimensional plasmons confined in bilayer graphene p-n junctions. Physical Review B 85, 125411 (2012).



  • Achievement Scholarship 
  • Merit Scholarship
  • AUC Dean of Science & engineering highest honors list.            
  •  ICAM travel award
Created April 23, 2019, Updated June 7, 2019