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Michele A. Cooley


Develops management, administrative policies, and strategies for MML and serves as a member of the administrative team. Principal contributor to the formulation of MML and NIST-wide operational policies and practices concerning a wide variety of budget, accounting, and human resource management issues.

Awards and Honors

  • Special Act for exceptional commitment and dedication to the transition of NIST's administrative process and practices into the new organization, 2010.
  • NIST Director's Award for Excellence in Administration for outstanding leadership in designing and implementing an extensive new training strategy that gives aspiring, new, and experienced Administrative Officers the essential knowledge, procedures, and resources to do their jobs for NIST, 2008.
  • Special Act for exemplary dedication and hard work in deploying the automated Time & Attendance Production System throughout the DOE and in outsourcing the payroll functions to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, 2003
  • Special Act for exemplary effort related to assisting in the successful management of office-wide resources to maintain ongoing accounting operations while playing a significant role in major Departmental management initiatives, 2002
  • Award for Significant Contribution in Supporting the Y2K Effort, 2000
  • Travel Manager of the Year Award, JFMIP Travel System Requirements Update Project Team, 1999
Created October 9, 2019