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Meghanne Tighe (Assoc)

Research Associate

Dr. Meghanne Tighe is a Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) researcher working in the Flammability Reduction group of the Fire Research Division (FRD) of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Dr. Tighe received her PhD. in chemistry from the University of Notre Dame in January 2022 and received her B.S. in chemistry from Hope College in 2015.

Prior to joining NIST, Dr. Tighe was employed in a lab that conducted environmental testing on drinking water, waste water, and soil and performed a wide variety of chemical tests. In graduate school Dr. Tighe’s research focused on developing low cost and efficient measurement techniques for a variety of environmental contaminants, primarily lead, arsenic, and per- and poly- fluroroalkyl substances (PFAS). Dr. Tighe’s primary research interests are in developing analytical methods that can advance the way we measure environmental contaminants by improving cost effectiveness, efficiency, and detection limits. Currently, Dr. Tighe is working on measuring PFAS in firefighter gear and textiles.

Meghanne is originally from Michigan and has lived all over the state. If you want to know where in Michigan she has lived and have never seen a Michigander point to their hand to demonstrate, just come ask where she’s from! Outside of the lab, Meghanne enjoys hiking, gardening, playing volleyball, making music, and spending time with her dog.

Created January 19, 2022, Updated June 30, 2022