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Luke Arbogast

Research Chemist

Luke's research focuses on the development and application of multidimensional NMR method for characterization of protein therapeutics and in particular monoclonal antibodies.  This work is aimed at providing high-resolution information on higher order structure, which is currently sought by the pharmaceutical industry for quality control in biotherapeutic manufacturing and comparing biosimilars to innovator reference products.


  • Department of Commerce Silver Medal Award,  2016
  • MML Postdoctoral Fellow Accolade, 2016


Enabling adoption of 2D-NMR for the higher order structure assessment of monoclonal antibody therapeutics

Robert G. Brinson, John P. Marino, Frank Delaglio, Luke W. Arbogast, Ryan M. Evans, Anthony J. Kearsley, Yves Aubin, Gregory Pierens, Xinying Jia, David Keizer, Jonas Stahle, Goran Widmalm, Chad Lawrence, Patrick Reardon, John Cort, Koichi Kato, Stuart Parnham, Andreas Blomgren, Torgny Rundlof, Kang Chen, David Keire, Thea Suter-Stahel, Gerhard Wider, Donna Baldisseri, Julie Wu, Mats Wikstrom, Medhi Mobli
Of the top ten drugs on the global market in 2016, seven of them are biologics with a combined market value of over US$60 billion. Moreover, around 2,800

Non-Uniform Sampling for All: More Spectral Quality, Less Measurement Time

Frank Delaglio, Gregory S. Walker, Kathleen A. Farley, Raman Sharma, Jeffrey C. Hoch, Luke W. Arbogast, Robert G. Brinson, John P. Marino
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an indispensable tool in pharmaceutical science, with uses in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing
Created June 18, 2019