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Luca Sapienza

Luca Sapienza is a visiting researcher in the Photonics and Plasmonics Group in the NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory. He received his MS degree from the University of Padua (Italy) and his PhD from the University Paris Diderot (France). Luca is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southampton (UK) where he leads a research group whose activities are focused on the control and enhancement of the light-matter interaction on a chip, for fundamental quantum optics experiments and quantum technology applications. He is recipient of the Ing. Aldo Gini Prize of Excellence, he is the Honorary Secretary of the Semiconductor Group of the Institute of Physics and was co-chair of the Non-linear Optics Technical Group of the Optical Society of America, he is a Member of the American Physical Society, of the Optical Society of America, of the Institute of Physics and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Selected Publications

Heterogeneous integration for on-chip quantum photonic circuits with single quantum dot devices
M. Davanco, J. Liu, L. Sapienza, C.-Z. Zhang, J.V. De Miranda Cardoso, V. Verma, R. Mirin, S.W. Nam, L. Liu, K. Srinivasan
Nature Communications 8, 889 (2017)

Optical sensing with Anderson-localised light
O.J. Trojak, T. Crane, L. Sapienza
Applied Physics Letters 111, 141103 (2017), Editor's pick

Anderson localisation of visible light on a nanophotonic chip
T. Crane, O.J. Trojak, J.P. Vasco, S. Hughes, L. Sapienza
ACS Photonics 4, 2274 (2017)

Metallic nanorings for broadband, enhanced extraction of light from solid-state emitters
O.J. Trojak, S.I. Park, J.D. Song, L. Sapienza
Applied Physics Letters 111, 021109 (2017)

Nanoscale optical positioning of single quantum dots for bright, pure, and on-demand single-photon emission
L. Sapienza, M. Davanco, A. Badolato, K. Srinivasan
Nature Communications 6, 7833 (2015)

Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Anderson-localized modes
L. Sapienza, H. Thyrrestrup, S. Stobbe, P.D. Garcia, S. Smolka, P. Lodahl
Science 327, 1352 (2010)

Created August 1, 2019