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Kevin G. Brady (Assoc)

kevin.brady [at] (Kevin Brady) is the Project Lead for the  Data Curation and Discovery Project in the Software and Systems Division.  He is leading the development of the Configurable Data Curation System  (CDCS). The Configurable Data Curation System, also known as the CDCS or Curator, provides a means for capturing, sharing, and transforming unstructured data into a structured format based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML). The CDCS can be viewed as a "loading dock" for scientific data. It serves as means to enable the collection and dissemination of structured scientific data. It can be applied to any area and is agnostic to the type of data. “Curated” data is amenable to transformation to other formats such as those used by existing computational tools. The data are organized using user-selected community-developed templates encoded in XML Schema used to create data documents that are saved in a non-relational (NoSQL) document database.

Prior work:  Kevin was the group leader of  the Systems Interoperability Group  which developed Test Procedures and Conformance Test tools to support Meaningful Use 2015 Certification of Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs). Tooling was developed in the areas of:
1) HL7 C-CDA Cancer Registry Reporting Validation Tool
2) HL7v2 Immunization Information System (IIS) Reporting/Query/Response Validation Tool
3) HL7v2 Syndromic Surveillance Reporting Validation Tool
4) Electronic Prescribing (eRx)
5) Edge Protocol Testing Tool



• DOC Silver Medal 2008
• DOC Silver Medal 2006
• EEEL Diversity Award - 2002
• DOC Bronze Medal 2001
• NIST Measurement Services Award - 1999 (for development of the ISSC)
• NIST Special Act - 1999


Implementing a Registry Federation for Materials Science Data Discovery

Raymond L. Plante, Chandler Becker, Andrea M. Medina-Smith, Kevin G. Brady, Alden A. Dima, Benjamin J. Long, Laura M. Bartolo, Robert Hanisch
As a result of a number of national initiatives, we are seeing rapid growth in the data important to materials science that are available over the web

1588 Power Profile Test Plan

Carol Perkins, Jeff Laird, Ryan McEachern, Bob Noseworthy, Julien M. Amelot, Ya-Shian Li-Baboud, Kevin G. Brady
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, facilitating the industry adoption of IEEE Standard
Created March 12, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022