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Joseph M. Antonucci

Research Interests

  • Structure-property relationships in dental polymers composite
  • Adhesives and the interfaces in these dental materials and with tooth structure
  • Developing characterization and test methods for accurately determining critical properties of these materials
  • Bioactive polymeric materials for hard tissue regeneration 
  • Explore new mechanisms for reducing or eliminating polymerization shrinkage and its effects in polymeric dental and biomaterials
  • Explore new strategies for overcoming bacterial challenges to mineralized tissues such as teeth and bone

Awards and Honors

2009: NIST's Dean of Staff

2005: Jacob Rabinow Applied Research Award

2005: Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

1991: Wilmer Souder Award in Dental Materials

1990: Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on the Science of Adhesion

1980: NIST Bronze Medal

1959 - 1961: NRC-NBS Postdoctoral Fellowship


Created April 26, 2019