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Joon Hyong Cho

Postdoctoral Researcher

Joon Hyong Cho is a NIST/UT Austin Postdoctoral Researcher in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. He received BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering in Yonsei University, Korea, and a doctorate in the University of Texas at Austin. The title of PhD dissertation is "Measurement of the effect of growth quality and number of layers on the mechanical properties of graphene using a MEMS tensile tester". After obtaining his PhD degree, he joined Dr. Jason Gorman's Group at NIST as a postdoctoral researcher participating in a project related using resonator amplitude measurement techniques to gain a better understanding of what physics fundamentally limit the resolution of mode localized sensors.

Selected Publications

[1] J. H. Cho, S. R. Na, S. Park, D. Akinwande, K. Liechti, and M. Cullinan, "Controlling the number of graphene layers using growth pressure", Nanotechnology, 30, 23, 235602 (2019)

[2] J. H. Cho, M. Cullinan, “Graphene Growth on and Transfer From Platinum Thin Films”, Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing, 6, 2 (2018)

[3] J. H. Cho, J. J. Gorman, S. R. Na, M. Cullinan, "Growth of monolayer graphene on nanoscale copper-nickel alloy thin films", Carbon, 115, 441-448 (2017)

[4] J. H. Cho, M. Seo, T. Lee, J. H. Kim, S. C. Jun, Y. M. Jhon, K. Ahn, R. H. Blick, H. C. Park, C. Kim, “Transition of a nanomechanical Sharvin oscillator towards the chaotic regime”, New Journal of Physics, 19, 3 (2017)


H. Grady Rylander Longhorn Mechanical Engineering Club Excellence in Teaching Fellowship Endowment, 2017-2018

Brain Korea 21 Participation Scholarship, 2009

National Science and Technology Scholarship, Fall 2006

Created October 1, 2019, Updated May 27, 2020