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John Groh (Assoc)

John Groh joined NIST as an NRC fellow in 2021 after working on the Simons Array and SPT-3G cosmic microwave background telescopes (both of which involved collaboration with NIST) in his graduate studies. He works within the Long Wavelength Project within the Quantum Sensors Group, and focuses on advancing the capabilities of cryogenic sensor multiplexing, a crucial enabling technology for cryogenic sensor arrays of the future. He currently is developing microwave SQUID multiplexed readout for transition-edge sensor detectors, additionally collaborating with the Simons Observatory and AliCPT telescopes in addition to provide readout and sensor components.

Research interests

  • Multiplexed readout of cryogenic sensor arrays
  • Cosmic microwave background measurements
Created June 9, 2021, Updated January 12, 2023