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John Bender

Research Chemist


My research interests are focused on the physicochemical processes in biology and the application of nonlinear spectroscopy to study these phenomena. I am particularly interested in the low-frequency (picosecond-nanosecond timescales) dynamics of liquids and biological molecules such as proteins and DNA. By studying these dynamics using pump-probe spectroscopies, it is possible to elucidate crucial information pertaining to improved drug storage and increased efficiency in biological engineering.


Optically-heterodyne-detected optical Kerr effect responses for propylene carbonate. The librational (blue) and intermediate (green) responses report respectively on the inherent structure and metabasin barrier crossing motions on a potential energy landscape. The latter response is linked to the stability of therapeutic proteins in lyoformulations.
Created July 30, 2019, Updated January 16, 2020