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Jo Wu (Fed)

Scientific Glassblower | DEIA Strategist

Jo Wu [she | her | hers] is a technical glass specialist in the Fabrication Technology Office at NIST. She is responsible for the glass workshop, which includes the glassblowing shop, optical shop, and the glass making lab where she makes commercially unavailable glasses with specific compositions or properties. She presents a rare intersection of 15+ years of industry experience in several historically separate glass fabrication trades.

Since 2007, Jo has also been involved with GlassRoots, a non-profit public access glass studio dedicated to enriching and empowering underserved local youth through mentorship and STEAM outreach. She believes that science and art are parallel languages of curiosity for investigating physical and social systems.

Currently, she serves as acting president of NIST Pride and works with leaders of the DOC LGBTQIA+ groups to cross pollinate resources, events, and opportunities. In each of her roles, Jo works to center the intersectional experiences and interests of people most impacted by socio-economic injustices and institutional marginalization. She is thrilled to join NIST DEIO as a DEIA Strategist working to amplify the growth and wellbeing of a more diverse and accessibly equitable, inclusive workplace.

Created April 7, 2019, Updated April 28, 2023