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Jerry Bowser

Assistant NanoFab Manager

Jerry Bowser is the Assistant NanoFab Manager for Operations in the NanoFab Operations Group. Prior to joining NIST in 2010, Jerry had over 13 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing engineering in the private sector, including five years at Allied-Signal and eight at Covega, where he held both engineering and supervisory positions. He has significant experience with diffusion/oxidation and chemical vapor deposition processes and has worked extensively with indium phosphide and lithium niobate optical devices. He also has experience in designing and troubleshooting electronics and computer programming. Jerry is a Six Sigma Greenbelt and he holds a patent in semiconductor technology. Jerry manages the NanoFab's day-to-day operations and oversees maintenance and upgrading of the NanoFab's infrastructure and engineering systems.

Selected Publications

  • A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with High Saturation Power, Low Noise Figure and Low Polarization Dependent Gain Over the C-Band, S. S. Saini, J. Bowser, R. Enck, V. Luciani, P. J. S. Heim, and M. Dagenais, Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, The 17th Annual Meeting of the IEEE 1, 102-103 (2004)


Created September 26, 2019