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Jennifer R Verkouteren (Assoc)

Selected Publications

XRD Rietveld Simulations Y2O3 - ZrO2 Phases

Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Joseph M. Conny
X-ray diffraction patterns of tetragonal and cubic yttria-stabilized were simulated to test the capability of Rietveld refinement to accurately seperate the

IMS-Based Trace Explosives Detectors for First Responder Use

Jennifer R. Verkouteren, John G. Gillen, R M. Verkouteren, Robert A. Fletcher, E S. Etz, George A. Klouda, Alim A. Fatah, Philip J. Mattson
The purpose of this document is to establish minimum performance requirements and an associated test method for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) based trace


Created October 9, 2019, Updated April 26, 2023