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James C. Bergquist


Generation of Ultrastable microwaves via optical frequency division

Tara M. Fortier, Matthew S. Kirchner, Jennifer A. Taylor, James C. Bergquist, Yanyi Jiang, Andrew D. Ludlow, Christopher W. Oates, Till P. Rosenband, Scott A. Diddams, Franklyn J. Quinlan, Nathan D. Lemke
A frequency-stabilized femtosecond laser optical frequency comb serves as a source of microwave signals having very low close-to-carrier phase noise. Comparison

Field-test of a robust, portable, frequency-stable laser

David R. Leibrandt, Michael J. Thorpe, James C. Bergquist, Till P. Rosenband
We operate a frequency-stable laser in a non-laboratory environment where the test platform is a passenger vehicle. We measure the acceleration experienced by
Created October 9, 2019