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Gina M Kline

Gina Kline has been performing gas flow meter calibrations at NIST since 2000. She has calibrated a large variety of gas flow meters, including laminar flow meters, critical flow Venturi meters, and positive displacement meters. Kline is a key contact for natural gas flow calibrations, which are performed by NIST at the Iowa facilities of the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI). Her responsibilities include ensuring that NIST's measurements made at CEESI are traceable to primary flow standards maintained by NIST's Fluid Metrology Group in Gaithersburg, MD.

Kline has been involved in several international laboratory key comparisons and proficiency tests, affording her an excellent perspective on the needs of gas flow meter users both international and domestic. Kline is one of NIST's instructors at the Flow Measurement Tutorials associated with the Measurement Science Conferences. Kline has co-authored several publications and she serves as the Sensor Science Division's Deputy Quality Manger.


Errors in Rate of Rise Gas Flow Measurements from Flow Work

John D. Wright, Aaron N. Johnson, Gina M. Kline, Michael R. Moldover
The rate of rise (RoR) method measures the time rate of change of the mass of gas in a collection volume as it is filled via a flow meter under test. The mass

Improved Nozzle Manifold for Gas Flow Calibrations

Aaron N. Johnson, Chunhui Li, John D. Wright, Gina M. Kline, Christopher J. Crowley
We developed a new nozzle manifold that reduced the uncertainty of flow calibrations from 0.09 % to as low as 0.074 % for flows of air up to 0.84 kg/s (43 000 L

Gas Flowmeter Calibrations With the Working Gas Flow Standard

John D. Wright, Jean-Phillipe Kayl, Aaron N. Johnson, Gina M. Kline
The Working Gas Flow Standard (WGFS) uses critical venturis, critical nozzles, or laminar flowmeters as working standards to calibrate customer flowmeters. The
Created October 9, 2019