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George P. Eppeldauer

George Eppeldauer's research area is in detector metrology developing transfer and working standard optical radiometers, photometers, and colorimeters and realizing detector responsivity based scales. The standards he has developed have been utilized to improve the two NIST SI units, the candela and kelvin, the illuminance responsivity scale, the tristimulus color scale, the spectral power, irradiance, and radiance responsivity reference-scales, and the spectral irradiance scale. He won the Best Paper Award at the NCSLI Conference in 2004. Dr. Eppeldauer chairs the CIE TC2-29 Technical Committee (TC) on Linearity of Optical Detector Systems and the TC2-87 TC on Broadband UV LED Radiometric Measurements Between 320 nm and 420 nm. He chaired the TC2-48 TC and he is the principal author of the CIE TC2-48 Technical Report on Spectral Responsivity Measurement of Detectors, Radiometers, and Photometers. He was the lead-author and editor of the NIST Technical Notes #1438 and #1621 where he published 47 selected papers on new radiometer developments and detector-based scale realizations. He received the Gold Medal Award from the Department of Commerce in 2010 for the development of the SIRCUS, the highest accuracy reference spectral-responsivity calibration facility of NIST. In the above field he has more than 180 publications.

His present research projects are:

Detector metrology
Transfer and working standard radiometers and photometers
Detector-based color scale
Night vision goggle calibrations
Infrared spectral responsivity calibrations
Broadband UV measurements
UV-VIS irradiance responsivity scale realization with pyroelectric detector for broadband radiometric measurement of LEDs
Photocurrent calibrations


Broadband Radiometric LED Measurements

George P. Eppeldauer, Catherine C. Cooksey, Howard W. Yoon, Leonard M. Hanssen, Vyacheslav B. Podobedov, Robert E. Vest, Uwe Arp, Carl C. Miller
At present, broadband radiometric measurements of LEDs with uniform and low-uncertainty results are not available. Currently, either spectral radiometric
Created October 9, 2019