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George E. Kelly

Dr. George E. Kelly is a guest researcher in the Mechanical Systems and Controls Group of the Energy and Environment Division (EED) of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Dr. Kelly came to the NIST in 1970 as a National Research Council/National Institute of Standards and Technology Postdoctoral Research Associate. During a two-year period as a research associate, he conducted research on condensation and the theory of droplet growth in homogeneous nucleation. He joined the Center for Building Technology in 1972, where as a project leader he carried out laboratory, field, and theoretical research on the part load and seasonal performance of heating and cooling equipment.

From 1976 to 1980, Dr. Kelly was project leader in charge of a team of engineers and technicians that developed testing and rating procedures for furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, and heat pumps. This work was part of a congressionally mandated program conducted for the Department of Energy (DOE). Its objective was to encourage energy conservation through the development of information which would allow consumers to make purchasing decisions based on the estimated seasonal performance and annual operating costs of various appliances. In July 1980, Dr. Kelly became Leader for the new Mechanical Systems and Controls Group within the Building Environment Division. The mission of this group is to conduct fundamental and applied research on building systems and controls. In 1999, Dr. Kelly became Chief of the Building Environment Division, where he served for eight years.

Dr. Kelly retired from full time federal employment in August 2007, and is currently serving as Research Associate in the Mechanical Systems and Controls Group working on the development and implementation of Intelligent Building Agents. In FY 2009, Dr. Kelly developed the Intelligent Building Agents Simulation Program (IBAS). He is currently using this program to explore different approaches to "distributed optimization" in building HVAC applications, including how agents can use negotiating techniques to optimize the performance of entire building systems. The successful completion of this research should lead to a substantial reduction in the amount of energy consumed by commercial building systems through the use of artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the control and performance of building HVAC systems.

Dr. Kelly is a Fellow of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and air-Conditioning Engineers. He was a recipient of the Department of Commerce's Silver Medal for his work on developing test procedures and labeling information for residential heating and cooling equipment. He was selected as the "Engineer of the Year" for 1992 from the Department of Commerce.


Created June 15, 2019