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Edmund A. DiMarzio

Research Interests

Examination of the ten classes of polymer phase transitions and how they couple to each other. This includes both equilibrium and kinetic aspects. A study of their use as technology opportunities and in modeling biological self-assembly. The ten phase transitions are [1] Helix to random Coil, [2] Collapse transition, [3] Adsorption onto surface, [4] Polymer threading a membrane, [5] Equilibrium polymerization,[6] Polymer-polymer or polymer solvent transitions, [7] Crystallization, [8] Liquid crystals and plastic crystals, [9] Glasses and gels, [10] Soaps/block copolymers/membranes/micelle/vesicles.

Awards and Honors

  • Maurice Huggins Award of the Gordon Research Conferences (1988)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)
  • NBS Stratton Award for crystallization in polymers (1971)
  • High Polymer Physics Prize of the APS (1967)


Created May 23, 2019