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Drew Tack

Drew received a BS in chemistry from the University of Utah and then attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he received his PhD in biochemistry, focusing on protein engineering and microbial evolution using noncanonical genetic codes. Drew entered NIST as a National Research Council post-doctoral research associate. As a member of the cellular engineering group at NIST, Drew is interested in engineering living measurement systems, with applications in medicine, manufacturing, and bioremediation. Drew is part of a collaborative effort to develop approaches to predictably engineer proteins with new and useful properties. Towards these goals, he is focused on developing high throughput methods to characterize protein sequence and function and using a machine learning approach to analyze results to guide further engineering. He is also interested in understanding the fitness burden that engineered genetic circuits impose on host cells, and in the mechanisms used to break engineered systems. He hopes to use this information to develop methods to ameliorate undue burden on the host, with the goal of decreasing the evolutionary pressure to break the engineered genetic circuit and, in turn, increasing the long-term stability of the encoded function.

Created July 30, 2019