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Domenico Pacifici

Professor Domenico Pacifici is a Visiting Fellow in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division and is currently the Director of the Microelectronics Central User Facility at Brown University, where he is Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics. He is the recipient of a Richard B. Salomon Faculty Research Award, three Brown Research Seed Awards, a Dedicated Faculty Award from Brown’s School of Engineering and Tau Beta Pi, and a Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship “for his contributions to excellence in teaching and for the devotion to the intellectual development of both graduate and undergraduate students”. His research efforts have focused on the opto-electronic properties of erbium doped silicon quantum dots for silicon-based microphotonics, as well as light-matter interaction at the nanometer-scale for biosensing and energy harvesting applications. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation, from the Office of Naval Research, and from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He is working with Henri Lezec on photon drag detection, negative optical pressure, and the development of active materials for implementation of novel plasmonic lasers and electrically-pumped plasmon sources.

Selected Publications

  • Measuring subwavelength spatial coherence with plasmonic interferometry, D. Morrill, D. Li, and D. Pacifici, Nature Photonics 10, 681–687 (2016).
  • Nanoscale optical interferometry with incoherent light, D. Li, J. Feng, D. Pacifici, Scientific Reports 6, 20836 (2016).
  • Noise performance of high-efficiency germanium quantum dot photodetectors, S. Siontas, P. Liu, A. Zaslavsky, D. Pacifici, Applied Physics Letters 109 (5), 053508 (2016).
  • A spectroscopic refractometer based on plasmonic interferometry, J. Feng, D. Pacifici, Journal of Applied Physics 119 (8), 083104 (2016).
  • Nanoscale plasmonic interferometers for multispectral, high-throughput biochemical sensing, J. Feng, V. Siu, A. Roelke, V. Mehta, S. Rhieu, G.T.R. Palmore, and D. Pacifici, Nano Letters 12, 602–609 (2012).
  • All-Optical modulation by plasmonic excitation of CdSe quantum dots, D. Pacifici, H. J. Lezec, H. A. Atwater, Nature Photonics 1, 402–406 (2007).


Revisiting the Photon-Drag Effect in Metal Films

Jared H. Strait, Glenn E. Holland, Wenqi Zhu, Cheng Zhang, Bojan R. Ilic, Amit K. Agrawal, Domenico Pacifici, Henri J. Lezec
The photon-drag effect, the rectified current in a medium induced by conservation of momentum of absorbed or redirected light, is a unique probe of the detailed
Created July 30, 2019, Updated May 29, 2020