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Dhananjay Anand (IntlAssoc)


Characterization of residential circuit impedance

Dhananjay Anand, Md Amimul Ehsan, Wenqi Guo
Electrical harmonics associated with switching power electronics have been observed to induce electromagnetic interference with equipment sharing the same

Hierarchical, grid-aware, and economically optimal coordination of distributed energy resources in realistic distribution systems

Dhananjay Anand, Mads Almassalkhi, Sarnaduti Brahma, Nawaf Nazir, Hamid Ossareh, Pavan Racherla, Soumya Kundu, Sai Pushpak Nandanoori, Thiagarajan Ramachandran, Ankit Singhal, Dennice Gayme, Chengda Ji, Enrique Mallada, Yue Shen, Pengcheng You
Forward-looking renewable portfolio standards will lead to extreme levels of variable solar PV in electric distribution systems, which makes reliability more
Created July 30, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021