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David T. Read

Research Interests:

Mechanical properties of thin films, fracture mechanics, high resolution experimental mechanics, test methods for mechanical and electrical reliability of interconnects, molecular dynamics


Professional Affiliations:

Materials Research Society (MRS)

American Physical Society (APS)

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)


Professional Activities:

Organizer, Workshop on Materials Characterization for Nanoscale Reliability, NIST (2007)

Organizer, Workshop on Reliability Issues in Nanomaterials, NIST (2004)

Member of Steering Committee, Workshop on Materials for Electronic Packaging and Interconnects (1990, 1994)

Member, Research Advisory Committee, NIST (1992 to 1994)

Co-chair, 18th National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics (1985)


Awards and Honors:

Society for Experimental Mechanics – Hetenyi Award for Best Paper in Experimental Mechanics (1993)

U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (1991)

NIST Director's Innovation Award (1989)

NBS – Sustained Superior Performance (1976)

NBS - National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (1974-1975)

NSF Summer Student Traineeship, University of Illinois at Urbana(1970)




Richard A. Allen, David T. Read, Victor H. Vartanian, Winthrop A. Baylies, William Kerr, Mark Plemmons, Kevin T. Turner
A round robin experiment to compare the sensitivities of various metrology tools to small voids between bonded wafers such as are used in three-dimensional

Metrology for 3D Integration

Richard A. Allen, Victor H. Vartanian, David T. Read, Winthrop A. Baylies
Three-dimensional stacked integrated circuit (3DS-IC) fabrication requires complex technologies such as high-aspect ratio through- silicon vias (TSVs), wafer
Created October 9, 2019