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David M. Gilliam


Precision determination of absolute neutron flux

Jeffrey S. Nico, Maynard S. Dewey, David M. Gilliam, Andrew T. Yue, Eamon Anderson, Geoff Greene, Alexander Laptev, William M. Snow
A technique for establishing the total neutron rate of a highly-collimated monochromatic cold neutron beam was demonstrated using the method of an alpha- gamma

Improved Determination of the Neutron Lifetime

Jeffrey S. Nico, A. T. Yue, Maynard S. Dewey, David M. Gilliam, G L. Greene, A. Laptev, William M. Snow, F. E. Wiefeldt
The most precise determination of the neutron lifetime using the beam method was completed in 2005 and reported a result of tau_n = (886.3 ± 1.2 [stat] ± 3.2

Fast Neutron Detection with Li-6-loaded Liquid Scintillator

David M. Gilliam, B Fisher, J N. Abdurashitov, Kevin J. Coakley, V N. Gavrin, Jeffrey S. Nico, A A. Shikhin, Alan K. Thompson, Dominic F. Vecchia, V E. Yants
We report on the development of a fast neutron detector using a liquid scintillator doped with enriched 6Li. The lithium was introduced in the form of an
Created April 20, 2019