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Danielle France

Danielle France earned her PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT in 2007, exploring the molecular spring mechanism responsible for ultrafast and powerful contractions of a ciliate microbe. She then moved into the arena of sustainable energy, working for a startup company in Golden, CO pioneering microbial methanogenesis in depleted coal-bed natural gas wells. In 2012 she took the opportunity to join NIST as an NRC post-doc, exploring microbiologically influenced corrosion (involving many of the same organisms as microbial methanogenesis) and quantitative measurements of cellular adhesion to surfaces. Bridging her backgrounds in biophysics and microbiology, her more recent focus has been establishing an innovative measurement technique that will rapidly assess the response of bacteria to chemical interventions such as antibiotic treatments.

Current Research and Interests 

Project webpage: Resonating Platforms for Microbial Sensing

Bacterial cytoskeleton and biophysics
Antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance testing
Cell-surface interactions with engineered materials
Environmental microbiology and systems biology of microbial communities

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Professional Affiliations 

American Society for Microbiology
Biophysical Society
Colorado Bioscience Association
Tau Beta Pi


2014 Boulder Laboratories PostDoc Poster Symposium Outstanding Presentation
2012  National Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship
2005  Poitras Fellowship for research in MIT Division of Biological Engineering
2004  Bauer Center for Genomics Research Scholarship to MBL Physiology Course
2002  Visiting Scientist at University of New South Wales
2000  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow at The Mayo Clinic
1999  Intramural Researcher at the National Institutes of Health
1997–2001 Langsdorf Scholar at Washington University
1997  National Merit Scholar


Created September 4, 2019