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Canhui Wang (Assoc)

Canhui Wang is a UMD Postdoctoral Researcher in the Nanoscale Imaging Group. He received B.S. in Physics, and M.S. in Optics from Xiamen University, and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Illinois at Chicago. His doctoral research focused on characterizing beam sensitive materials and processes in graphene liquid cells at atomic resolution utilizing transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy, as well as on controlling liquid chemistry by electron irradiation. Canhui is working with Renu Sharma on understanding the gas adsorption on metal nano-particles using in-situ measurements including electron energy loss, cathodoluminescence, and Raman spectroscopies. He is also measuring the structural fluctuations in catalyst nano-particles and their relationship to the chirality of single-walled carbon nanotubes.

Selected Publications

  • High-Resolution Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Ferritin in Biocompatible Graphene Liquid Cells and Graphene Sandwiches, C. Wang, Q. Qiao, T. Shokuhfar, and R. F. Klie, Advanced Materials, 26 (21), 3410-3414 (2014).
  • The observation of square ice in graphene questioned, W. Zhou, K. Yin, C. Wang, Y. Zhang, T. Xu, A. Borisevich, L. Sun, J.C. Idrobo, M.F. Chisholm, S.T. Pantelides, R.F. Klie, and R. Lupini, Nature, 528 (7583), pp.E1-E2 (2015).
  • High-Quality Black Phosphorus Atomic Layers by Liquid-Phase Exfoliation, P. Yasaei, B. Kumar, T. Foroozan, C. Wang, M.Asadi, D.Tuschel, J.E. Indacochea, R.F. Klie, and A. Salehi‐Khojin, Advanced Materials, 27 (11), pp.1887-1892 (2015).


Created September 5, 2019, Updated September 2, 2023