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Brian A. Weiss, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Brian A. Weiss is a mechanical engineer and the project leader of the Prognostics and Health Management for Reliable Operations in Smart Manufacturing project where his current research efforts are focused on developing the necessary measurement science to verify and validate emerging monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics, and maintenance technologies and strategies for smart manufacturing. The project is focused on the application domains of machine tools and robot systems. His past projects included assessments of applications running on hand-held devices to support tactical operations and the development of verification and validation tests to assess the performance of manufacturing technologies. Additionally, he has previously worked in assessing the performance of soldier-worn sensor systems; two-way, free form, spoken language translation devices; developing metrics and test methods for both bomb disposal and urban search and rescue robots. He has also contributed to ground-breaking efforts in testing and evaluating unmanned ground vehicles for the military. He is one of the principle creators of the System, Component, and Operationally-Relevant Evaluation (SCORE) framework which he has applied to several of his prior efforts. From 2007 to 2012, Dr. Weiss collaborated with the University of Maryland to develop Multi-Relationship Evaluation Design (MRED) as the focus of his PhD research. MRED is an interactive test plan blueprint generator that will allow evaluation designers to speed the pace of the test-plan development process. MRED collects multiple inputs from various sources and automatically outputs evaluation blueprints that specify key test-plan characteristics. He also developed robotic crane technologies which included the deployment of a prototype system on a military installation.


PHM Contributor of the Year – Individual – For his continuous and insightful support of the society’s endeavors over the last several years…These include: creating and helping steer a new ASME Standards Sub-committee on Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics for Manufacturing Operations; collaborating on a NIST pilot [effort] to develop test methods that assess degradation of manufacturing robotics; and leading an effort to test methods to V+V advanced PHM capabilities for manufacturing, 2019

Department of Commerce (DOC) Gold Medal for Distinguished Service – For developing a unique facility that accelerates the adoption of critical digital technologies and streams data to enable manufacturing innovation, 2019

PHM Contributor of the Year – Individual – For significant technical contributions and leadership in the PHM Society including overseeing the expansion of the panel sessions in 2016 and 2017 as the panel committee chair, serving as a General Chair of the 2018 Annual Conference of the PHM Society, and publishing ten technical articles since 2015 including three that were published in the Society’s journal and seven that were published in annual conferences, 2018

PHM Annual Conference MVP Award – For his contributions to the organization and management of the panel sessions for the conference including organizing a record number of panel sessions for the 2016 conference, 2016

Government Computer News (GCN) Award for Information Technology Excellence – For speeding development and delivery of secure, battlefield-handy—and sometimes lifesaving—smartphone apps to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, 2014

DOC Gold Medal for Distinguished Service – For leadership in developing innovative methods for security, testing, and evaluation of hardware and software to securely deploy off-the-shelf smartphones and applications in military field operations, 2013

Colleague's Choice – For leadership and contributions toward the development and execution of evaluation procedures for advanced technologies that have had significant impact across the defense, homeland security, and first-response communities, 2013

DOC Silver Medal for Meritorious Service – Evaluation of Middle Eastern Speech Translations Systems, 2011

International Test and Evaluation Association Annual Symposium Best Paper – Performance Assessments of Two-Way, Free Form, Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems for Tactical Use, 2010

International Test and Evaluation Association Annual Symposium Best Presentation 3rd Place – The Multi-Relationship Evaluation Design Framework: Producing Evaluation Blueprints to Test Emerging, Advanced, and Intelligent Technologies, 2010

International Test and Evaluation Association Annual Symposium Best Paper Award – Development of Domain-Specific Scenarios for Training and Evaluation of Two-Way, Free Form, Spoken Language Translation Devices, 2009

International Test and Evaluation Association Annual Symposium Best Presentations Award – Development of Domain-Specific Scenarios for Training and Evaluation of Two-Way, Free Form, Spoken Language Translation Devices, 2009

DOC Bronze Award for Superior Federal Service – For development and implementation of the SCORE framework, 2008

Jacob Rabinow Applied Research Award – For technical achievement in applying robotic crane research to improve the productivity and safety of large aircraft maintenance operations, 2006

DOC Bronze Award for Superior Federal Service – For exceptional accomplishment in developing and implementing the first comprehensive Technology Readiness Level assessment of unmanned ground vehicles, 2004.


Created February 20, 2019, Updated February 27, 2020