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Benjamin Heacock (Fed)

Dr. Benjamin Heacock works in the Radiation Physics Division as a National Research Council (NRC) postdoctoral associate, where he performs neutron interferometry and optics research. He works within the Neutron Physics Group to measure and tabulate high-precision neutron coherent scattering lengths and neutron-crystalline structure factors. These measurements probe a variety of physics, including lattice dynamics, the neutron charge radius, and physics Beyond the Standard Model. Dr. Heacock also develops reconstruction and phase recovery algorithms for neutron phase imaging and scattering tomography.

Dr. Heacock received his B.S. in Chemistry and Physics from Belmont University in 2012 and his PhD in Physics from North Carolina State University in 2019. He was a guest researcher in the Neutron Physics Group as a graduate student.


Pendellosung Interferometry Probes the Neutron Charge Radius, Lattice Dynamics, and Fifth Forces

Benjamin J. Heacock, Robert W. Haun, Michael G. Huber, Albert Henins, Robert C. Valdillez, Takuhiro Fujiie, Katsuya Hirota, Masaaki Kitaguchi, Hirohiko Shimizu, Takuya Hosobata, Masahiro Takeda, Yutaka Yamagata
Structure factors describe how incident radiation is scattered from materials such as silicon and germanium and characterize the physical interaction between
Created September 26, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021