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Alfredo Roa-Henriquez (IntlAssoc)

Dr. Alfredo Roa-Henriquez is a Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Economist in the Applied Economics Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He works closely with NIST’s Community Resilience Group and the Recovery of Business and Supply Chains’ project that is part of the Hurricane Maria Program.

His research interests are focused on the economic analysis of resilience by considering post-disaster actions that lead businesses and government to minimize the negative impacts associated with natural hazards and to hasten recovery thereafter. This work employs survey research and econometric tools for measurement and modeling post-disaster actions, recovery, and economic resilience. The research aims to provide a standard structure to assess impacts of investments, strategic choice or implementation actions in the resilience and recovery post-disaster.

Dr. Roa-Henriquez has also studied the influence of hurricane intensity forecasts on evacuation decisions in the context of hurricane-provoked disasters. He is interested in research on the effects of (de)regulation, energy markets, and institutions. Recent work details the impact of retail electric deregulation on businesses and households.

In the past, Dr. Roa-Henriquez was a senior professional at the National Procurement Agency in Colombia. He taught at top universities, including Universidad del Norte in his native Barranquilla, where he graduated years before with a BSc in Industrial Engineering. He earned a M.A. degree in Economics from Universidad Javeriana and holds a M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Florida. Dr. Roa-Henriquez holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management from The Ohio State University. There he conducted research and worked under the direction of Dr. Noah Dormady (OSU) and Dr. Adam Rose (USC) in their projects, which were funded by DHS and NSF grants.


Dormady, N., Roa-Henriquez, A., & Rose, A. 2019. Economic Resilience of the Firm: A Production Theory Approach. International Journal of Production Economics, 208: 446-460.

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Eliciting Lessons from Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) for Natural Disaster Resilience Planning and Recovery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: SME Complex Event Resilience

Jennifer F. Helgeson, Juan F. Fung, Yating Zhang, Alfredo R. Roa Henriquez, Ariela Zycherman, Claudia Nierenberg, David T. Butry, Donna H. Ramkissoon
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 44% of U.S. economic activities and are the lifeline for many local economies, employing 59 million people in
Created September 5, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021