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Adrian P. Defante

Chemical Engineer

Adrian is originally from Cleveland, Ohio where he finished his PhD in Polymer Science.  At the University of Akron, he focused his studies on adhesion and friction phenomena in underwater environments.  His work as an NRC postdoc in the Bioprocess Measurements group focused on the characterization of sub micron particles using orthogonal measurement techniques relevant to the biomanufacturing industry.  Currently, he is working on understanding the how interfaces influence the formation of protein aggregates and sub visible particles.   This work is in collaboration with Medimmune.  Other interests include understanding intermolecular forces by developing new measurement tools to study soft matter materials, complex fluids, and interfaces.  

    Featured Publications

    Defante AP, Vreeland, WN, Benkstein, KD, Ripple, DC., Using Image Attributes to Assure Accurate Particle Size and Count Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis. J. Pharm. Sci. 2018, May v107(5); 1383-1391

    Defante AP, Nyarko, A, Sukhmanjot, K, Burai TN, Dhinojwala, A., Interstitial Water Enhances Sliding Friction. Langmuir, 2018, 34 (13), 4084–4094.

    Dhopatkar, N*, Defante AP*, Dhinojwala, A, Ice-like water supports hydration forces and eases sliding friction. Sci. Adv. 2016, Aug 26(2); no. 8, e1600763 (*co-authors)

    Defante AP, Burai, T, Becker ML, Dhinojwala A, Consequences of Water Between Two Hydrophobic Surfaces on Adhesion and Wetting. Langmuir. 2015, Feb 31(8); 2398-2406

    Zhou J, Defante AP, Lin F, Ying X, Yu J, Gao Y., Childers E, Dhinojwala A, Becker ML., Adhesion Properties of Catechol-Based Biodegradable Amino Acid-Based Poly(ester urea) Copolymers Inspired from Mussel Proteins. Biomacromolecules. 2014 Nov 16(1); 286:274.


    • Adhesion Society
    • American Chemical Society, Rubber Division
    • American Physical Society
    • American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Co-Chair Gordon Research Seminar 2016, Science of Adhesion


    • National Reseasch Council Postdoctoral Fellowship
    • Peebles Award
    • Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award
    • Lord Corporation Foundation Fellowship
    • Demming Baker Scholarship
    • National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellowship
    • College of Engineering Alumni Scholarship
    • Department of Polymer Science Travel Award



      Created October 25, 2019