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Image of line art representation of the ultra broad band continuously tunable electron beam pulser

Ultra Broad Band Continuously Tunable Electron Beam Pulser


Jiaqi Qiu, Sergey Baryshev, June W Lau, Yimei Zhu

Patent Description This invention relates to apparatus and methods for generating and controlling low and medium energy pulsed electron beams at very high rates. It is based on a key component, the Transverse Deflecting Cavity ElectroMagnetic-Mechanical Pulser (TDC-EMMP), cited in another patent: US
Image of 2 security officers inspecting packages

Anti-Counterfeiting Article, Process for Making and Using Same


Yaw S. Obeng, Joseph J. Kopanski, Jung-Joon Ahn

Patent Description This invention provides for a new and useful metrology to enable counterfeit detection system capable of uniquely marking items by encoding information in their physical structure at the nanoscale. The system depends on rapidly encoding information in the physical structure of an
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